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Economic Geology Subdivision

The objective of the Economic Geology Subdivision is to investigate Namibia's mineral potential thereby promoting the use of Namibia's rich mineral wealth.  Several activities are being tackled to achieve this aim;
  • Compiling of archival economic geology information from past exploration reports into mineral occurrence descriptions for each 1 : 250 000 geological map sheet.
  • Incorporating archival economic geology data into the NamDat database.
  • Continuous updating of the provisional
    1 : 1 000 000 mineral occurrence map.
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palisquarry.jpg 9kb The proactive drive to promote Namibia‘s mineral wealth has continued with the GSN exhibit at various mineral related conferences such as PDAC, MIGA, Mining Indaba, SEG and dimension stone fairs.  In addition, several publications have been updated such as the uranium and gold chapters (Mineral Resource Series) and the dimension stone brochure.
This policy continues to provide dividends in the form of continued mineral license applications during a global economic and exploration down swing. There were 92 new and 56 renewed mineral license applications over the past year. During the year issued EPLs increased from 252 to 327 while 6 more mining licenses were issued, bringing the total to 90. namdebbucket.jpg 7kb
The Industrial Minerals Group laboratories are now fully functional and ready to meet the need of this underdeveloped minerals sector.

Last updated on 01 December 2004
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