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Geological Survey Staff test

Director Dr. G. Schneider
Secretary Ms. E. Grobler
Division: Regional Geoscience
Deputy Director Mr. K. H. Hoffmann
Chief Geologist Dr. T. Becker
Geologist Ms. A Amkongo
Geologist Ms. A Nguno
Geologist Ms. K. K. Mhopjeni
Geologist Mr. E. Muvangua
Geologist Mr. A. Muyongo
Geologist Dr. U. Schreiber
Workhand Ms. W. Shiweda
Workhand Mr. J. van Zyl
Division: Geophysics
Chief  Geophysicist Mr. D. Hutchins
Geophysicist Mr. I. Kahimise
Geophysicist Mr. A. Mangongolo
Geophysicist Mr. T. Mufeti
Geotechnician Mr. K. Katjiogua
Geotechnician Mr. E. Shiweda  
Typist Ms. H. Gaes
Division: Economic Geology
Deputy Director Mr. V.F.W. Petzel
Chief Geologist Dr. S. Frindt  
Chief Geologist Mr. A. Shidjuu
Geologist Ms. P. Mbingeneeko
Geologist Mr. G. Jemwa
Geologist Ms. P. Sibeso
Workhand S. Leevi
Workhand J. Tengee
Division: Geochemistry and Laboratory
Geochemist Ms. I. Kandjii
Geochemist Ms I. Plathe
Geochemist Ms. G. Simubali
Laboratory Assistant Mr. F. Akooko
Laboratory Assistant Mr. I. M. Hlahane
Laboratory Assistant Ms. I. Nakathingo
Laboratory Assistant Ms. M. Stanley  
Technical Assistant Ms. R. Guriras
Technical Assistant Ms. L. Farmer
Division: Engineering and Environment
Geologist Ms. M. Mufenda
Geologist Ms. L. Kawali
Division:  Geo-Information
Geologist Ms. H. Mocke
Geologist Mr. J. van Tonder
Librarian Ms. R. Niskala
Library Assistant Ms. Z van Zyl
Technical Assistant I. Eiseb  
Cartographer Mr. D. Richards
Cartographer Mr. S. Cloete
Cartographer Mr. N. Hadutali
Cartographer Mr. P. Shigwedha
Cartographic Assistant Mr. G. Tjikukutu
Cartographic Assistant Mr. M. Uzangi

Last updated on 01 December 2004
Published by the Geological Survey of Namibia, Windhoek, Namibia
Copyright Geological Survey of Namibia 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000

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