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The GSN website will be updated in the near future.

new2.gif (159 bytes)     - Geological Survey of Namibia 2000 Annual Report  (Download version not available)

                 - Pickford, M. & Senut, B. 1999. "Geology and Paleobiology of the Namib Desert 
                     Southwestern Africa. Memoir 18. Geological Survey of Namibia.

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- "Mineral Resources of Namibia" now on CD-ROM in PDF format for
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- Namibia's first dinosaur discovery, Massospondylus, returns home

University Research Projects in Namibia

A number of geological research projects are conducted in Namibia without notifying the Geological Survey of Namibia. This has led to a situation where not only valuable research data are not communicated to the official national institution in charge of geological research, but also where researchers work on similar or even the same topics without knowing of each other. When such situations are eventually discovered, conflicts are likely to arise.

We furthermore note with concern that some researchers enter Namibia on the basis of a tourist visa. However, conducting research work without a study permit is illegal and can result in legal action being taken against the relevant person. Please take note that applications for study permits are readily available from all Namibian Embassies, as well as from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Private Bag 13200, Windhoek.

We therefore like to urge all Geology Departments of Universities to notify the Geological Survey of Namibia of their planned and ongoing research programmes. We also kindly request that copies of theses, maps, research reports or any other data emanating from such research work are being made available to the library of the Geological Survey of Namibia.

Last updated on 01 December 2004
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