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Engineering & Environmental Geology Subdivision

The Engineering and Environmental Subdivision falls under the Division of Applied Geoscience. In this Subdivision, projects are generally undertaken in two phases being desk studies and detailed site investigations. A desk study covers the evaluation of existing information for any given proposed project and both qualitative and quantitative data sets are considered. This is then followed by a detailed site investigation (qualitative and quantitative data sets) such as geological mapping, engineering geological mapping, geomorphological, hydrological, weathering profile, logging, discontinuity surveys, geophysical surveys, geotechnical engineering and   sampling programs. In house laboratory analysis (quantitative data collection) will always depend on the type of engineering project being undertaken.

Since 1997, this Subdivision has been involved in various projects listed below;

  • The Lüderitz Hazard Waste Disposal Sites investigation.
  • Khan Dam Aquifer Recharge Scheme.
  • Establishment of Geotechnical laboratories.
  • Engineering and Environmental management and monitoring projects.
  • SADC- Mining Sector - Environmental subcommittee.
  • Municipalities town planning assistance throughout the country.
  • Contributions to the Epupa Dam Project.

The short term (one year) to long-term (six years) objectives of the subdivision are;

  • To investigated waste disposal sites for all urban areas in Namibia with aim of improving the level of environmental education in Namibia more especially concerning waste management and environmental protection.
  • To produce geotechnical engineering maps for all areas of urban development throughout the country. This will then be followed by a geotechnical and geo-environmental database that will be accessible by both private sector and the general public.

Facilities that are available in this Subdivision at present consist of a soil mechanics laboratory equipped with apparatus and equipment to conduct soil mechanics analysis.  This laboratory has recently been combined with the Industrial Minerals Laboratory to make better use of resources.  A fully function rock mechanics laboratory is in the process of being equipped to allow the Subdivision to conduct test on behalf of the civil engineering and mining industries.

Last updated on 01 December 2004
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